The Project

Jeff Troupe Fine Art

It was a big task to create a custom website for my oil paintings that featured an online shop. I enjoy the creative variety of oil painting one day and then putting on my web designer hat another day. After creating several different wire frames and mockups, I created a site with side bar navigation which I felt emphasized the store portion of the site the most. I used a neutral color scheme to let the artwork shine, employed breadcrumbs to help the user navigate, and kept my branding visible in all pages of the site. The biggest feature was giving the user the opportunity to purchase works directly from the site via Paypal. I built the site from raw HTML and CSS code. I used open source JavaScript code for the light box image viewer to show larger versions of the paintings when clicked. I created the wire frames and mockups in Photoshop, and final assets in Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Custom Web Design

web designer image of painting of river and rocks
web designer paintings of mountains trees rivers lakes
web designer photo of man painting with text
web designer photo of floral arrangement painting
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